Where are we located?

We are located pretty centrally in the north island of New Zealand, near Turangi right next to Lake Taupo and the closest airport to us is Taupo airport with daily flights from Auckland and Wellington, I can meet you and pick you up from there.  I can also pick you up from your hotel/motel/B&B in Taupo/Turangi and take you straight to the fishing.   If you are already in New Zealand and wondering how long it is to get here, below is a table with driving time estimates and directions from major cities in the north island:

From Auckland
  3 hours 50 minutes  Google directions

  45 minutes  Google directions
From Hamilton
  2 hours 19 minutes  Google directions
From Napier
  1 hours 58 minutes  Google directions
From New Plymouth
  3 hours 28 minutes Google directions
From Palmerston North
  2 hours 31 minutes  Google directions
From Wellington
  4 hours 11 minutes  Google directions

  45 minutes  Google directions

If you don’t know where Turangi (Lake Taupo) is in New Zealand, have a look at the map below, and as you can see that we are surrounded by national parks, rivers and lakes.

TroutBeck Fishing Lodge
35 Heu Heu Parade
Tauranga Taupo River
RD2 Turangi
New Zealand