What will I catch?

If you come fly fishing in New Zealand with me in the central north island you will be catching wild brown trout and rainbow trout, the average weight is 3-4lb and my clients do catch specimen fish over 10lb each season.  The area is full of rivers and the odd big and small lake full of wild trout that rise to a dry fly and take a nymph we fish under a New Zealand strike indicator/dry fly, glo-bugs for spawning fish or you can strip or swing wooly buggers (New Zealand streamer pattern) all to great effect in beautiful countryside that will take your breath away.

Brown Trout

Every fly fishing nut visiting us wants to catch a New Zealand brown trout, for many reasons I think including the size they grow to and how freely they rise to the dry fly at certain times of the year. Let me know if you want to catch one of our big beautiful browns and we can put together a fishing trip to suit, as there are many options in this wonderful fishing paradise and I like to tailor my guiding to suit your requests and ability. As these bigger fish do take some catching once we have fooled them into taking one of my deadly flies.



Lake Taupo grows some very big brown trout that can be caught in the lake and when they make their spawning run up one of the rivers with some of most idyllic gin clear pools you will ever see and fish. There are back country (in the middle of no where) rivers that have big numbers of brown trout that we can reach using my 4×4 truck, quad bike or a helicopter if you want to try that bucket list fly fishing trip of a lifetime.

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout in the net

There are amazing river and lake options to catch rainbow trout in the central north island, these fish are wild strong with a serious attitude problem and always give a serious fight, jumping and running long distances down or upstream to test the knots and breaking strain of your tippet.  You can catch fish doing their spawning run up the Taupo tributaries, back country rivers with large populations of large trout between 3-10lb.  I also specialise in fishing Lake Otamangakau which is the specimen lake in this region, and with my in depth knowledge and deadly tried and tested flies I can put you onto rainbow trout up to 14lb

10lb Rainbow Trout from lake Otamagakau