What are the fishing options?

I live in trout fishing paradise, surrounded on all sides by rivers and lakes full of fat trout.  The fishing options are many and plentiful and what is unique for New Zealand is that in this area you can fish 365 days a year unlike other regions that have closed seasons and can only fish for about half the year.  There is fishing for all levels of fishing ability and fitness, as I guide folk of all shapes and size and of all ages, I can find water that suits your preferred fishing option.  I have tried to categorise the fishing below to help you ascertain what is on offer and give us something to talk about when you call to book your trip.

Heli fishing remote New Zealand backcountry rivers

Heli fishing remote New Zealand backcountry rivers

I have arranged the fishing options in categories below, please have a look and call me to talk about fishing.

backcountry river fishing

A New Zealand backcountry river is wilderness fishing, that requires special effort to get to by foot, car, quad bike, 4×4 car, helicopter, boat or raft. I can put you onto these remote rivers as I have the means and connections and have fished and guided on these rivers for over 30 years.

Lake Taupo Tributaries

There are some very special rivers running into Lake Taupo

Lake Fishing

Trophy trout water in this area is the lakes