How the Hell am I going to be able to top it!

It was the first time in my life that I had been Trout fishing I had no previous experience, equipment  or suitable gear of my own

All  I knew was that I wanted to head into the bush find a beautiful peaceful river, and try and catch a fish…or two, and boy did Jason deliver on the dream!

JasonBethuneClientHe provided me with all the equipment I needed (as well as a tasty packed lunch from Tracy)gave me all the helpful advice I needed (and that was a bit..) he even supplied all the support I needed(some of those river stones were slippery!)in the form of a customized  Gandalf stick, broken to size from a convenient branch, and whenever I decided to slip in the river anyway A great Bear Paw of a hand would instantly shoot out from nowhere and catch me….and I’m no little feller either!

It was only a matter of minutes after a couple of practice casts that I got my first strike …..I knew this because Jason changed up a couple of gears and in a voice somewhat above a whisper mentioned STRIKE!!! Then followed with a steady stream of advice; keep your rod high!…higher!… slack the line…reel it in …keep your rod up!!let it run, keep your rod high!(I took a bit of reminding about that bit)It was the most exciting fishing I’ve ever done, this trout was a real fighter! (Jasons words not mine…seeing as I hadn’t caught one before)eventually I got it in close enough for Jason to net and even he seemed pretty pleased with it. A beautiful 6lb Rainbow…not bad for a first effort!

Man, was I stoked. After an obligatory photo shoot in which he  may have become  the most photographed Trout in the river …ever! We returned him, none the worse for wear to get a bit bigger for the next time. Thinking that was going to be hard to beat, I managed to catch another four, all around the 5 to 6lb mark! And one of them was a magnificent Brown.

It was a perfect day with a combination of expert tuition a bit of beginners luck and beautiful weather (he didn’t tell me how he organized that bit)

My only concern over the whole awesome day is …how the Hell am I going to be able to top it!

Margaret & Craig

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