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How the Hell am I going to be able to top it!

It was the first time in my life that I had been Trout fishing I had no previous experience, equipment  or suitable gear of my own

All  I knew was that I wanted to head into the bush find a beautiful peaceful river, and try and catch a fish…or two, and boy did Jason deliver on the dream!

JasonBethuneClientHe provided me with all the equipment I needed (as well as a tasty packed lunch from Tracy)gave me all the helpful advice I needed (and that was a bit..) he even supplied all the support I needed(some of those river stones were slippery!)in the form of a customized  Gandalf stick, broken to size from a convenient branch, and whenever I decided to slip in the river anyway A great Bear Paw of a hand would instantly shoot out from nowhere and catch me….and I’m no little feller either!

It was only a matter of minutes after a couple of practice casts that I got my first strike …..I knew this because Jason changed up a couple of gears and in a voice somewhat above a whisper mentioned STRIKE!!! Then followed with a steady stream of advice; keep your rod high!…higher!… slack the line…reel it in …keep your rod up!!let it run, keep your rod high!(I took a bit of reminding about that bit)It was the most exciting fishing I’ve ever done, this trout was a real fighter! (Jasons words not mine…seeing as I hadn’t caught one before)eventually I got it in close enough for Jason to net and even he seemed pretty pleased with it. A beautiful 6lb Rainbow…not bad for a first effort!

Man, was I stoked. After an obligatory photo shoot in which he  may have become  the most photographed Trout in the river …ever! We returned him, none the worse for wear to get a bit bigger for the next time. Thinking that was going to be hard to beat, I managed to catch another four, all around the 5 to 6lb mark! And one of them was a magnificent Brown.

It was a perfect day with a combination of expert tuition a bit of beginners luck and beautiful weather (he didn’t tell me how he organized that bit)

My only concern over the whole awesome day is …how the Hell am I going to be able to top it!

Margaret & Craig

Every trip to date has resulted in some seriously nice fish

I have been fly fishing with Jason now for 5 years. His knowledge of the local Taupo rivers and small lakes is first class and every trip to date has resulted in some seriously nice fish in the 7lb plus range. The biggest caught was 10.4lb rainbow to date. If you looking for a cheerful upbeat guide for a group of 3-4, Jason is great, he moulds into the team and looks after everyone. He is also good laugh and the right guy for leading the pack while on the hunt for trophy trout where ever that maybe in the area. P.s. Supplies good gear as well and his local patterns are first class.sop10

Leighton, Auckland, New Zealand

Believe me you will catch fish Jason is very good at what he does



The Troutbeck fishing lodge has become a bolt hole for me. One of those all too rare places where you walk through the door and feel the stress lift of you like a blanket. Jason and Tracy are fantastic hosts, the atmosphere is very friendly and you’re looked after like family. This place really is the best kept secret on the lake. (Top tip: See if you can convince Tracy to cook her ‘pork belly’, just awesome after a long day fighting fish). If you want to experience genuine, authentic NZ charm and warmth and leave a place with fond memories then this is what you have been looking for.65ba55ae-3392-4289-9f42-7b960d4f4bf8

I’ve seen a lot of fishermen stress about catching or not catching fish, especially when they’ve paid for a guide. The critical thing is this; it’s not just about catching fish (and believe me you will catch fish, Jason is very good at what he does), It’s about enjoying the whole fishing experience. Jason is one of the very rare guides that understands this